Jun 8, 2015

Indian Baby Population in US by State

Folks, I was going thru few visualizations on Tableau's website today and I came across this visualization Exploring the SSA Baby Names Dataset by one of the acclaimed Tableau professional....It made me thinking to explore of How many of those SSA baby names are of Indian American (Desi) descent...

I found a website online that had a list of popular Indian baby names...I read the data into SAS and made a Tableau Story out of it... Please take a few moments to play with this interesting viz...I hope you like it....

Here's the SAS code that went into the prep of the data...

/*Read Indian Baby Names by parsing the http URL */

libname sharad "C:\Users\Sharad\Desktop\namesbystate";

%macro loop(type);

proc sql; drop table name; quit;
%do i=1 %to 60;
filename foo url
data _null;
retain start recind recst recend hier;
length SN Name Meaning Gender Origin $ 100;
retain SN Name Meaning Gender Origin;
   infile foo length=len;
   input record $varying200. len;
   put record $varying200. len;
   if index(record,') then start=1;
   if index(record,'
') then start=0;
   if index(record,') then delete;
   if index(record,'
) then do; recvalst=1; hier+1;; end;
   if index(record,'
') then do; recvalend=1; delete; end;
   if index(record,' ' ) then do; recst=1; hier=0;delete; end;
   if index(record,'
') then do; recst=0; hier=0;; end;
      if hier=1 then do; record=tranwrd(record,'
,''); SN=strip(record); end;
      else if hier=2 then do; record=tranwrd(record,'
,''); Name=strip(record); end;
      else if hier=3 then do; record=tranwrd(record,'
,''); Meaning=strip(record); end;
      else if hier=4 then do; record=tranwrd(record,'
,''); Gender=strip(record); end;
      else if hier=5 then do; record=tranwrd(record,'
,''); Origin=strip(record); end;
   if index(record,'
') and start then do; recend=1; hier=0; output; end;
   else delete;  
   keep SN Name Meaning Gender Origin;

proc append data=_null base=sharad.&type force; run;


%mend loop;


Make a list of Indian Names that definetly sound Indian or Closely Indian
Y - Yes
P - Indian Possibility

data Sharad.Def_IndiaNames;
infile cards4 dlm='09'x missover;
length Name $ 100 IndianorNot $ 1;
input Name IndianorNot;
Name  Indian
Tina  P
Tanya P
Maya  P
Trisha      Y
Nadia P
Amir  P
Aisha P
Tanisha     P
Chandra     P
Chaya P
Rohan Y
----and 1000’s of other records---

Join all available Indian Names
data Sharad.ALLNames;
set Sharad.telugu
 sharad.bengali sharad.hindi sharad.sikh;
 if compress(Name)='' then delete;
 drop SNO SN;

Remove Dups
proc sort data=Sharad.ALLNames noduprecsby Name; run;

Re-purpose the data a bit
data Sharad.IndianNames(rename=(dMeaning=Meaning dGender=IGender dOrigin=Origin));
length dMeaning $ 100 dGender $15 dOrigin $ 100;
retain dMeaning dGender dOrigin;
set Sharad.ALLNames;
by Name;
if  first.name then
if index(strip(dMeaning),strip(Meaning)) eq 0 then  dMeaning=catx(' OR ',strip(dMeaning),strip(Meaning));
if index(strip(dOrigin),strip(Origin)) eq 0 then  dOrigin=catx(' ,',strip(dOrigin),strip(Origin));;
if index(strip(dGender),strip(Gender)) eq 0 then  dGender=catx(' OR ',strip(dGender),strip(Gender));;
if dGender in ("Boy OR Girl","Girl OR Boy") then dGender="Boy OR Girl";
if  last.name then output;
keep Name dMeaning dGender dOrigin;

Read US Gov SSA Baby Names data fields
filename allst "C:\Users\Sharad\Desktop\namesbystate\all\allstates.txt";

data Sharad.USNames;
infile allst dlm=',' dsd missover firstobs=2;
length State $ 2 Gender $1 Year $4 Name $ 50 ;
input State Gender Year Name Occurences;

Merge US Gov SSA Baby Names data with Indian Names Data
proc sql;
create table sharad.IndNames as
select A.*,IGender,Meaning,Origin
from Sharad.USNames A
left join Sharad.IndianNames B
on A.name=B.name
order by A.name;

Merge US Gov SSA Baby Names data with Hand picked Indian Data

proc sql;
create table sharad.DefinitelyIndian as
select A.*,
when A.name=B.name and IndianorNot='Y' then 'Indian Name'
when A.name=B.name and IndianorNot='P' then 'Likely an Indian Name'
else 'Non-Indian Name'
end as IndianDescent length=10
from sharad.IndNames A
left join Sharad.Def_IndiaNames B
on A.name=B.name


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