Aug 29, 2012

ETL processing using SAS Data Integration (DI) Studio

SAS Data Integration Studio is a visual design tool that simplifies the construction, execution and maintenance of enterprise data integration processes. Powerful, in-depth data transformation logic is provided in an easy-to-use, wizard-driven interface, enabling one or more developers to rapidly build, schedule, run and monitor a myriad of data integration activities. An easy-to-use interface and built-in impact analysis capabilities lower the cost of building and maintaining data integration workflows, simple or complex.
Why is SAS Data Integration Studio important?
Companies are realizing that in order to succeed they need an integrated view of their data – and SAS Data Integration Studio is the single tool that provides the flexibility, reliability and agility needed to respond to new data integration challenges. Regardless of the project, SAS Data Integration Studio users can respond with speed and efficiency, reducing the overall cost of data integration.
For whom is SAS Data Integration Studio designed?
SAS Data Integration Studio empowers data integration managers and designers to work more efficiently, manage change effectively and deliver high-quality results faster.
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