Oct 4, 2010

SAS Project 5: General....SAS Technical Problem to solve....DIY

Here's a little Complex SAS Reporting Example to work with... 
One of the Adhoc Reporting groups at a company maintains a MS Access Database of all the Internal and External Dept requests that are worked by a Data Analysts team. Now the Management team of that group needs a summary Productivity report on the team performance in an Excel Report.

MS Access Database has 6-7 tables containing Normalized tables of the Work performed by the group…Screenshots of the tables are shown below….

Since the Report Requests is huge...showing just the layout of the table…

Download Sample MS Access database here


  1. Excel Report should have 4-6 Tabs (depending on data) with different layout of reports…Each Tab should have the totals by the current month (till date) and Year to date Information…The Code should be flexible enough to run for historic data as well…i.e. last years May Month as well.


  1. Tab #1 Analyst - Number of Requests worked on by Analysts.

  1. Tab #2 Report Category - Number of Requests worked on by Analysts per Report Category… The Request Categories should be grouped as External or Internal Requests based on the criteria below.

  1. Tab #3 Analyst by Report Category – Show ALL Requests Completed Count by Analysts on the Column.

  1. Tab #4 Analyst by Dept Name/ Dept Head - Show External Requests Number of Requests worked on by Analysts per Dept Name/ Dept Head.

  1. Tab #5 Open Requests – Show ALL requests that are Not Completed by Analysts and their details.

  1. Tab #5 ALL Requests Whose Details were Not Insufficiently filled and require completion. Number of Requests worked on by Analysts per Report Category details…Count of Reasons what info is missing…Reasons are identified by these conditions….

Download ALL Project files here

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