May 22, 2010

SAS Project 3: Retailing Industry....SAS Technical Problem to solve....DIY

This SAS Screening Problem was asked at Gap Inc…
The following shows 6 sample records of a large SAS data set.
The data set name is trans
Write some SAS code that that will answer the questions below using the SAS file above.
These questions get at your understanding of different levels of summarization and in more general terms, how you approach programming problems. There are many ‘right’ answers.
You do not have to use the original dataset as input to each question, you may want to summarize at one step and use that summarization in later steps.
  1. Total and average amount spent by category
  2. Which category has the highest average purchase
  3. What is the average number of categories that customers purchase
  4. What is the average and total amount by customer
  5. What is the average number of days between purchases (as of today)

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  1. Hi..
    I am not able to download the sample data files from any of the mini projects that have been listed. Can you please look into the issue. Getting HTTP503 error.

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