Feb 2, 2010

Running SAS on Unix interactively using SAS Windowing Environment...

This tutorial assumes that SAS v 9.1.3 was installed on a Unix server at the location /opt/sas/ and the SAS interactive executable is /opt/sas/sasi on a Sun Solaris Unix server and Hummingbird Exceed software available on a PC.
sas on unix
In order to view the Interactive SAS Windowing environment on a Unix Box…One would require the X Windows display manager software like Humming Bird Exceed / Citrix Software or any similar software on his/her PC.
Run the command from the computer’s Start |Run
“C:\Program Files\Hummingbird\Connectivity\xxxx\Exceed\exceed.exe” -m query -w single -h UnixBox
where xxxx is the version of Exceed
SAS on Unix - Run Command
Enter your login credentials…You would require access to “UnixBox” server
SAS on Unix - Solaris Login
SAS on Unix -- Solaris Login
If you are doing this for the first time then choose either “Java desktop Environment or CDE Desktop” as your options.
This would open like a desktop environment…
SAS on unix - Desktop
Then go to Launch | Applications | Utilities |Terminal…to open a MS DOS prompt like Unix terminal…
SAS on Unix - Terminal
SAS on unix - Terminal
Then change directory to /opt/sas/ and then type “sasi” to invoke SAS..
Alternatively, you could type “/opt/sas/sasi” at the $ prompt..
SAS on Unix
The next screen shots show how SAS looks like on Unix Box and an example SAS Code that I have executed.
SAS on unix - Code
Look at the log for the output….
SAS on unix -- Output
You could run your SAS jobs in Batch mode…Read the article @ http://sastechies.blogspot.com/2010/02/running-sas-on-unix-in-batch-mode.html

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