Jan 11, 2013

View SAS datasets / code without installing SAS on your system with SAS Universal Viewer Application

The SAS Universal Viewer (Download here) is a replacement for the SAS System Viewer and is an application for the Windows environment to view SAS data sets and other simple text-based files. You cannot edit SAS data sets with the SAS Universal Viewer, but you can sort and filter data sets. The SAS Universal Viewer enables you to view the contents of SAS data sets without invoking SAS and without installing SAS on your machine.
With the SAS Universal Viewer you can view the following files:
  • SAS data sets
  • SAS v9 transport files
  • text files, including .sas, .txt. log, and so on
  • .html and other file types that open in Internet Explorer
  • SAS data sets that were created on platforms other than Windows
And also You can rearrange your view of the data in the following ways:
  • sort your view of a SAS data set by column
  • subset the data by using a WHERE clause
  • resize columns
  • copy data elements to the clipboard
  • find text in a SAS data set by using expressions to filter rows and columns
It’s nice tool to have If you want to introduce someone to the SAS Software and/or view the dataset / files without invoking SAS….
After downloading please double-click on setup.exe and install…It would install 3 items – Java JRE, SAS OLEDB provider and SAS Universal viewer in couple of minutes…
Screen Shot of a dataset opened with SAS Universal viewer
Screen Shot of a SAS Program opened with SAS Universal viewer
sas dataset
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