Feb 27, 2012

SAS BI Web Report Studio for Quick Report Generation

SAS Web Report Studio is a Web application that anyone can use to view, interact, create, and distribute both public and private reports. You can interactively get the information you need without having to understand a programming language. In addition, SAS predictive analytical results can be used by business professionals across the enterprise via their Web browsers.
SAS Web Report Studio
The Report Wizard enables novice users to quickly create and distribute basic queries and reports based on either relational or multidimensional data sources in five easy steps. More advanced users can use additional layout and query capabilities that are available, including the ability to define custom calculations and complex filter combinations, multiple queries, and SAS analytical results into a single document. A gallery of predefined layout choices expedites the report creation process, and an extensive range of advance report components enable users to create and interact with reports from their Web browsers. Reports and the application can be branded to match a corporate style.
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